Recidivism Reduction and Recovery Approach (RRR)

The Probation Department is committed to providing offenders with the best possible resources available to assist them in being successful while on supervision. In the structured approach of RRR offenders are given access to evidence based treatments and programing to build the necessary skills to live productive crime-free lives. RRR both protects the community as well as serves the offender through offering various programs focused on the offender's specific needs while also holding the offender accountable for their behaviors.

Rules of Probation

Probationers are in custody of the Court by reason of their criminal conviction. Their sentence is suspended and they are granted provisional freedom by means of probation on the promise of compliance with their court orders.

Evidence Based Practices

Evidence-Based Principles Promote Public Safety. An evidence-based approach often, requires a client to confront and change his or her mindset and behaviors and can therefore be extremely challenging.

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