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Staff Member
  Phone   E-Mail
Veronica Perry, Chief Probation Officer   330-725-9791   vperry@medinacountyprobation.org
Beth Connelly, Supervisor    330-725-9792   bconnelly@medinacountyprobation.org
Kevin Turchek, Senior Officer High Risk/Sex Offender Officer/ PSI Investigator/Thinking for a Change  II Co-Facilitator   330-764-8226   kturcheck@medinacountyprobation.org
Jill Roland, Senior Officer Moderate Risk Probation Officer   330-764-8228   jroland@medinacountyprobation.org
Dana Siekaniec, PSI Investigator / Expungement Investigator   330-764-8814   dsiekaniec@medinacountyprobation.org
Brad Burcham, ISP Sex Offender Officer / CCA Program Director   330-764-8231   bburcham@medinacountyprobation.org
Lindsay Lesko, ISP Officer/ CCA Grant Director   330-725-9790   llesko@medinacountyprobation.org
Katrina Massullo, Low Risk Probation Officer   330-764-8812   kmassullo@medinacountyprobation.org
Joseph Wasielewski, PSI Investigator/High Risk Officer/Violent Offender Officer/Thinking for a Change  II Co-Facilitator   330-764-8227   jwasielewski@medinacountyprobation.org
Stefanie Theus, PSI Investigator   330-725-9793   stheus@medinacountyprobation.org
Brett Andrachik, Intervention in Lieu of Conviction/PSI Investigator   330-764-8234   bandrachik@medinacountyprobation.org
Samantha Flanik, Moderate Risk Probation Officer   330-764-8813   sflanik@medinacountyprobation.org
Ashley Simmons, Special Docket Officer/Moderate Risk Probation Officer   330-764-8807   asimmons@medinacountyprobation.org
Maria Morgan, ISP Officer   330-725-1044   mmorgan@medinacountyprobation.org
Joe Scharf,  Probation Officer   330-723-5962   jscharf@medinacountyprobation.org
Connie Braun, Bond Officer/Community Service Coordinator   330-764-8809   cbraun@medinacountyprobation.org
Tara Searcy, Pretrial Officer    330-764-8815   tsearcy@medinacountyprobation.org 
Cristina Jolley, Clinical Director, Quality Assurance Analyst, Training facilitator    330-725-1042   cjolley@medinacountyprobation.org
Carla Damron, Special Docket Coordinator/Case Manager/Treatment Group Facilitator   330-725-1043   cdamron@medinaco.org
Heather Short, Office Manager   330-725-9789   hshort@medinacountyprobation.org
Stephanie Atkins, Front Office Staff   330-725-9791   satkins@medinacountyprobation.org
Loretta Seibert, Front Office Staff   330-764-8810   lseibert@medinacountyprobation.org

For any other staff member not listed, please call 330-725-9791
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