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Continuum of Incentives


Incentive Behaviors:
  • Complying with Substance Abuse Monitoring (SAM) Program for first 30 or 60 days
  • Reporting to the Adult Probation Department (APD) as scheduled with no failures to report
  • Paying for Drug Screens on time
  • Completing Community Service, Crossroads Program, Sam Program, treatment, ISP, General Supervision, G.E.D., etc.
  • Complying with conditions of supervision without sanctions
  • Improvement of behavior since last sanction
  • Compliance with Home Arrest/GPS monitoring
  • Actively participating in ORAS case plan or completion of case plan goals
  • Or any other behavior deemed appropriate by each Officer

Rewards/Positive Incentives:
  • Reduce number of Sam Program days (max 30 day reduction)
  • Skipping a Report Day
  • Waiving Drug Screen Fee/s (max 3)
  • Certificates of Completion from Community Service, Crossroads Program, Sam Program, ISP, General Supervision
  • Verbal Praise
  • Travel Permits
  • Reduction in the number of days on Home Arrest (example: ½ time review and staff with Supervisor)
  • Reduced Reporting  (Staff with Supervisor)
  • Or any other reward deemed appropriate by each Officer/Supervisor

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