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Continuum of Sanctions


Least severe to most severe
  • Financial Sanctions
    • Restitution, fine, court costs, reimbursement of fees, pay to stay
  • Non Residential Sanctions
    • Counseling
    • Education or training
    • Employment :  obtain or retain a job
    • Monitored time: under court control subject to no conditions  (other than possibly paying costs) other than leading a law-abiding life
    • basic probation supervision
    • intensive probation supervision
    • drug and alcohol use monitoring, including random drug testing
    • drug treatment
    • community service – up to 500 hours
    • house arrest and/or electronic monitoring
  • Residential Community Sanctions
    • CBCF for up to six months
    • halfway house (no stated limit)
    • Jail or minimum security jail for up to six months
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