Community Service

The Court Community Service Program places defendants who are sentenced to community control, to work anywhere up to 500 hours, without pay. Probationers ordered into the program are placed with local not-for-profit businesses in the community, who are willing to employ probationers in exchange for receiving free labor. Upon special request of the court, probationers may petition to receive a $10.00 per hour work credit, which if granted, would be applied to the probationer's outstanding court cost balance.

  • Community sentencing alternative that is both practical and beneficial for all involved.
  • Cost effective means to punishment.
  • Opportunity for offender to repay debt to society by making a positive and productive contribution.
  • Helpful tool for not-for-profit agencies to cost effectively maximize their labor force.
  • Opportunity for offenders to modify their work behavior and possibly better their life styles.
  • Close management, placement, and follow-through responsibility of all offenders.

Program Administration:

Medina County Adult Probation Department and the Court Community Service Program function as the administrative arm, processing referrals from the Honorable James L. Kimbler and the Honorable Christopher J. Collier of the Medina County Court of Common Pleas, providing complete placement, management, and follow-through of the offender.  There is no fee to any not-for-profit agency for participation in the program.

Ohio Revised Code:

The Ohio Revised Code states that when an offender is convicted of or pleads guilty to a misdemeanor or lesser felony, the court may require the offender, as a condition of probation or as a condition of otherwise suspending the offender's sentence (or fine), to perform supervised work in the local community.  The work can be performed under the authority of health or park districts, counties, municipal corporations, townships, and other political subdivisions of the state.  Alternatively, charitable organizations that render community service may utilize these offenders within the Court Community Service Program.  

The court may require an offender who agrees to perform this work to also pay a reasonable fee to cover the costs of the offender's participation in the program.  For those unable to pay a fine, or other financial sanctions, a court may also permit an offender to satisfy the penalty by performing supervised community service work.

  • You are to report to work at the time and place assigned by your supervisor. You are responsible for your OWN TRANSPORTATION to and from your work site.
  • You are to complete all work assigned to you by your supervisor in a timely and efficient manner.
  • You are to follow all work orders and rules established by the supervisor.
  • You are NOT to consume any alcohol beverage or illegal drugs while on this work assignment.
  • You are not to perform any work, which you are not physically able to perform. The supervisor may require medical documentation to confirm such requests for release from certain job duties.
  • You are not to operate any equipment, which you do not have knowledge, ability, training, or license to operate. You are also responsible for any injuries that should occur due to your own negligence.
  • You are not to leave the job location at any time without permission of the supervisor. No one is allowed to visit you during work hours unless it is shown to be an emergency. You are not permitted to make or receive phone calls at work, except for an emergency.
  • Time will be allowed for breaks in the work schedule. When necessary, time will be allowed for lunch as well. The supervisor shall determine the timing of such breaks and their length.
  • Any work-related problems you may have are to be reported to your supervisor. Any other problems are to be reported to your probation officer.
  • All other rules established by the supervisor at the work site, similar guidelines for full or part-time employees must be followed at all times.
  • If you miss work for any reason you are to call your supervisor AND your Probation officer immediately.

Up to 80 hours = $25
81-150 hours = $50
151 hours and up = $75

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