The Probation Department provides an in-house cognitive behavior group using curriculum from the National Curriculum and Training Institute (NCTI).  NCTI has been developing and providing offense-specific, cognitive curricula directed toward changing offender behavior since 1981. NCTI's work in the field of Community Corrections/Community Supervision has lead to the development of unique methods that foster positive, pro-social behavior in offenders.

Certification is required for individuals and organizations wanting to implement NCTI's cognitive behavior change curricula. The curriculum is used for adult populations with the specific curricula provided to meet the criminogenic needs of the offender group.

The Probation Department’s trained facilitators provide participants with the skills to facilitate NCTI's cognitive behavior change curricula.  NCTI's Facilitator Certification Training curriculum is accredited by the American Probation and Parole Association.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will:
  • Learn use of cognitive behavioral techniques.
  • Gain a personalized understanding of the relationship between values, attitudes and behaviors as they relate to the decision making process, which is the first key to successful and lasting behavior change.
  • Establish a supportive environment based on trust that allows for trial and error.
  • Benefit from use of an interactive learning process to ensure that each individual’s learning style is addressed.
  • Benefit from use of Personal Awareness Journaling as a tool to reinforce cognitive learning.
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