Judge Christopher J. Collier's Early Intervention Program (EIP)


The mission of Judge Collier’s Early Intervention Program (Christine Demlow Drug Court Administrator) is to stop the abuse of alcohol and other drugs related to the criminal activity.  EIP offers a compelling choice for drug and alcohol addicted individuals who are defendants in Judge Collier’s courtroom.

Here’s the choice: participate in treatment or stand convicted.

In exchange for successful completion of the one-year treatment program, the court will dismiss the original drug possession charge.

Judge Collier’s EIP transforms the roles of the court and treatment providers. The Judge is the central figure in a team effort that focuses on sobriety and accountability as the primary goals.

Because Judge Collier takes on the role of trying to keep participants engaged in treatment, providers can effectively focus on developing a therapeutic relationship with the participant. In turn, treatment providers keep the court informed of each participant's progress so that rewards and sanctions can be provided.

EIP creates an environment with clear and certain rules.

The rules are definite, easy to understand, and most important, compliance is within the individual's control. The rules are based on the participant's performance and are measurable.

For example, the participant appears in court or does not, attends treatment sessions or does not; attends AA or NA or does not; the drug tests reveal drug use or abstinence.

The participant's performance is immediately and directly communicated to Judge Collier, who rewards progress or penalizes noncompliance. Judge Collier’s EIP establishes an environment that the participant can understand a system in which clear choices are presented and individuals are encouraged to take control of their own recovery.

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