Matt Butler - Recovery Musician

Matt Butler is a folk artist, a rock’n roller, and a storyteller.  Matt has found his artistic voice in sobriety and is a powerful testament to the creative power of recovery.
Butler found recovery over 3 years ago, and his debut solo album, Reckless Son, is a chronicle of his experience during and leading up to early sobriety.  The songs are insightful and at times heart wrenching, but always translate a positive message of hope and redemption. Rich and masterful storytelling makes a listen through the record a journey of its own. Reckless Son was released on September 9th, 2016.  Since then, Butler has been asked to be a testimonial speaker and performer at numerous events including the The Caron Foundation’s annual gala and Change Begins Within for The David Lynch Foundation.  Butler is committed to service, and speaks and performs at all types of functions from Recovery walks and treatment centers to songwriting workshops and forums on creativity.  He is eager to share his passion for both recovery and artistry.
In the summer of 2016, Butler was tapped by The Anonymous People creator Greg Williams to compose an original song for his new feature length documentary Generation Found.  The result was ‘Just One’, an anthem encapsulating the revolutionary contribution an individual can make to their community by simply helping the next person.  ‘Just One’ has become a call – to – action across the country for people in recovery and effected by the disease of addiction, as well as all those who simply wish to make a positive difference in the world.
PLease take some time and listen to his amazing work.

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